HubPulse Setup Guide

1. Enter the page to create your account

2. Create your account

3. After creating your account and logging in you will see a button that says "Connect" press it and then select the hubspot account where you want to install HubPulse

4. Then the system will start synchronizing the data to be able to generate your reports. You can press the "refresh" button to validate if it's finished

5. When the synchronization is finished we will send you an email informing you

6. At that moment you can start viewing your report

Uninstalling Hubpulse

If you ever need to remove HubPulse from your HubSpot integration, it's a simple process. Head over to your HubSpot integrations settings page, which you can access by opening HubSpot and going to Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps. Uninstalling HubPulse won't impact your HubSpot data in any manner.
If you decide to reinstall HubPulse, you can easily reconnect on our website or follow the setup guide provided above."